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THE NED SKIT!!! yay!!!

Sandra and Missy are eating lunch during x-block, Drama nerds are in the drama square, Ned walks through drama hall (from door to stairwell), Missy nudges Sandra frantically
Sandra: sohowboutthatrentmovie?
Ned (stops suddenly at top of stairs, turns around, and jumps overall three stairs, looks around excitedly) I heard “rent”
Sandra: So…you gonna see holes?
Ned: Sandra right?
Sandra (stops breathing)
Ned: Well, im working on it…
(Missy walks to her open locker, sticks her head in like shes doing something, and eavesdrops)
Sandra: OH! Umm…hows that going?
Ned: they’re silly little freshmen
Missy: (pulls head out of locker, insulted) HEY…I mean…damn, where’s that history assignment? (puts head back in locker)
Sandra: umm…im a-a sophomore! Yeaa…that’s right…a sophomore…(mischevious grin, raises eyebrows)
Ned: okay…
Sandra: I loved the wiz!
Ned: ummm, yeah…I rock, don’t I? (hands on hips, looks up)
Sandra: yeah… (stares dreamily)
Ned (to Missy) whered she go?
Missy: um… yeah, she’ll do that…(runs across hall, shakes Sandra)
Sandra: what?
Missy: (hums “seasons of love” from RENT)
Ned: omg, rent is AWESOME!
Missy: Sandra’s a REALLY BIG FAN!
Ned: turns to Sandra, really?
Sandra: aha…(is in dreamworld, slightly detatched, staring into space)
Ned: dontchya love track 9?
Sandra: (snaps out of it) Voicemail #2?
Ned: no, on disc 2
Sandra: I’ve never listened to track two, I only have track one…OMFG CAN YOU SING IT FOR ME?
Missy: (shot as though camera is in locker, looking at Missy) NOW OUR SPECIAL GUEST…NEEEED
Drama Nerds: (go wild)
Missy: (tries not to fall down laughing, holding on to the locker for support, suppressed laughter)
Sandra: (turns red) That’s great
Drama Nerds: (clap furiously, some hoot) TAKE IT OFF!
Sandra: hits head against locker, laughs uberhard hits locker, hits locker, hits locker cant stop laughing
Ned: (looks at Sandra, shrugs shoulders, walks away, singing “contact” as he walks offstage)
Drama Nerds, and Missy: LIVE FROM BHS, IT’S FRIDAY NIGHT!

it needs correction!!! (otherwise ME FIRST TO HELL!!! )
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